Sunday, April 19, 2009

Krystal: Profile of Savvy and Chic Sales Professional

Krystal is a young, single, sales professional, frequently on the go, and works from home once a week. She is modern, savvy and chic. She heads out one or two times a week for cocktails with her friends and shops at the local boutiques on her lunch hour.

Krystal needs to take her office with her and she needs to present a professional and savvy image while on sales calls. She wants a sassy bag designed specifically for her; keeping up her image demands it. Krystal needed an attaché to carry her notebook computer and presentations and she refused to settle for an off the shelf bag. She didn’t want or need a full sized legal attaché so Tapestry Design Studio created one with exactly the dimensions that Krystal required.

For a smooth transition to head out after work, she leaves her attaché in the car and pulls her fashion forward bracelet clutch out of the pocket. It is already holding everything that she needs - her credit card, her id, some lipstick and a bit of cash.

Why would I go buy a bag that is mass produced for the general female population,” Krystal exclaims, when I can have one that is custom designed specifically for me?”

Tapestry Design Studio can custom design a bag for you, too. Let us make your purse dreams come true!

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