Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Renee: Profile of a Chic Suburban Mom

Renee is a chic suburban mom who loves her family, her home and her friends. She has a strong sense of self and knows that she needs to occasionally pamper herself with something special.

Renee goes to the gym in the morning, drives her kids to their activities, attends church functions and makes the time to scrapbook and dye Easter eggs with her kids.

As a true domestic engineer Renee understands that the key to keeping harmony in her house lies in her ability to stay organized and keep the kids occupied. Renee needed a bag to help her keep up with her busy life. Her two favorite pieces are bags that she designed herself, a beautiful tote and coordinating credit card wristlet.

Her tote carries everything she needs for the day – her journal and coloring books and toddler toys to keep the kids occupied during the minivan’s oil change. Her credit card wristlet can transfer from her gym bag to her tote and acts as a solo piece for the quick run into the store to pick up scones for her women’s group.
"I love my Tapestry Design Studio Tote and Wristlet set. They are the perfect size for what I need  -  I get complements everywhere I go."

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VictoriasJourney said...

I love your store - these handbags are absolutely gorgeous! Following you.