Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jane: Profile of a Busy Executive

Jane is a busy executive in a Fortune 500 company.

She is classy, elegant and well-mannered.   She dines at chic restaurants with her clients and board members.   Her drive and intelligence have taken her far and she is aiming even higher.

Ever conscious of the image she is presenting, Jane prefers to maintain a conservative appearance at the office but would never sacrifice style.   For work, she found a conservative, Tapestry designed, attaché that she fell in love with.

To maintain her complete professional image, she chose a sleek handbag style, requesting it in the same fabrics as her attaché. She was able to specify her needs for interior pockets so that she can quickly find her cell phone, her reading glasses and business cards.
“My Tapestry Design Studio custom bags allow me to maintain my professional image while still giving me form, function and style.”
In her personal time, Jane likes to let her hair down. She went little wild and designed her own, very fun, beaded bag; it’s a little on the crazy side but that’s okay, she works hard and deserves it.

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