Wednesday, October 14, 2009


  ...some of the amazing talent located in Plainfield, Illinois.  These gifted artists and designers are following their passions,  providing us with a tantalizing smorgasbord of simply tempting delights.   Below is a but a meager sampling of their work.  Pick one for yourself or choose a unique gift for someone you love!

Click on the shop names to go to the websites and enjoy the full line of offerings; click on the item name to go directly to the products.

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Super Sweet Silver
You may want to trim the tresses to show off these sparkling baubles.  Recycled sterling,  fine silver and high quality stones are used in the fabrication of these trendy designs including Swarovski Crystals, Czech Glass and Semi-precious Gemstones.

    Witches Brew Swarovski Earrings                             Lemon Drop Earrings                                        Cherry-licious Earrings


Are you dreading heading into another season of winter blues?  Revel in the ambiance of beautiful summer days all year round with this cheerful original photography.  Notecard sets are also available.

      The Dawn of a Sunflower                                        Blue Summer Skies                                                      Dahlia


The Paper Affair
I am amazed at the creativity of others when they pull together seemingly unrelated mediums and turn out works of art.  These pendants are, incredibly, a fusion of paper and glass. 

                Bella Flower                                                             Oui Paris                                                      Fields of Green


Blingy Candles
Blowing out your candles has never been so fun!  You no longer need to run to the store to pick up those ugly number candles!  Here is the cutest alternative I have ever seen!  You can order these custom made - there are versions for boys, girls and adults. 

      Single Digit Candle                                            Double Digit Candle Set                                     Triple Digit Candle Set


Time to put the kids to bed and decompress in a luxurious tub with your favorite essence.  Scintillate your senses with sensual pomegranate or release the stress with calming lavendar.

        Avocado Body Butter                                           Pomegranate Soap                                      Lavendar Fields Sugar Scrub

Talented in a variety of mediums, Leif Rogers studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Here is a small sampling of his work.  For more art and witty commentary, you can also visit his website as

Absinthe Study with Pontarlier Glass                        Night Walk                                                        Hail Damage


Flaunt your image with one of these stylish bags.   With variety ranging from fun and flirty to confident and professional you are sure to find an amazing piece of arm candy!

             Rendezvous                                                     Choco-Doodle Tote                                          Southwest Flair


Put some fun in the mailbox and brighten someones day with these unique all-occassion cards!  Styles include impressionist, neon outline and kaleidoscope.  Click here to check out the fabulous Chicago Cityscape Notecards.

          Floral Notecards                                                    Floral Notecards                                       Kaleidoscope Notecards


Cia Designs
Want to capture that special event in photos but don't have time to scrapbook?  Cia Designs has the solution!  Simply insert your own photos into these adorable albums and voila - precious memories preserved for life!!

                 Princess                                                                 Baseball                                                                 Friends



Braiden said...

Thank you for doing this! What a great way to showcase local artists!!

Tapestry Design Studio said...

Received this note via email. Wanted to share it with you!

Thanks for the blog link! You did a great job with the features of those shops. I esp love the paper/glass pendants and the black and white farm landscape photograph. Your bags are very pretty too!

supersweetsilver said...

This is a wonderful idea. It is nice to see other talented artists in the Plainfield area!

Leif said...

Thanks for the feature! It's nice (and refreshing) to see local artists getting publicity!